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Winning $22 million Lotto ticket sold at Coral Lanes

By Staff | Sep 25, 2009

Someone won $22 million from the Florida Lottery, but has not shown up to collect.
Representatives from the Florida Lottery said they are waiting for the winner to come forward and collect his or her prize from Wednesday’s drawing.
Millions of people dream of winning big each day, but it was one ticket with six numbers — 25, 27, 29, 32, 47 and 52 — that will change one person’s life.
The ticket was sold Wednesday at the Coral Lanes bowling alley on Santa Barbara Boulevard.
Manager Skip Hintz said Coral Lanes has been selling tickets since the drawings began in 1986. They sell approximately 50 tickets each day, but that amount changes throughout the week depending on the leagues and how many people are playing.
Although no one has claimed the ticket, Hintz said no one at the business has any idea of who the winner might be.
“No clue, I know Wednesday during the day we sold several to senior citizens and four or five last night. It could be anybody,” he said.
This week is not the first time a winning lottery ticket was sold at the bowling alley. Hintz said a resident won $1 million from the Mega Millions two years ago, but the winning tickets have yet to change business.
“We haven’t increased the business yet, but we will see what happens. Most of the people who buy tickets bowl here,” he said.
Coral Lanes will receive a bonus incentive of $50,000 from Florida Lottery for selling the winning ticket.
According to lottery officials, the winner would have won $32 million if they had purchased a $2 lottery ticket and $47 million if they had bought a $3 ticket.
“Once we know someone hits the jackpot, it is a sit and wait,” said Laurie Wright, spokesperson for the Florida Lottery. “We have had people come in two weeks later or the next morning.”
Sometimes winners take some time to claim the ticket so they can speak with an attorney or financial advisor, she said. Once the winner comes forward they can choose to receive a lump sum payment or annuity payments, either way taxes are deducted.
Thousands of other people also earned a payday on Wednesday’s lottery drawing by matching three, four or five numbers. Forty-three people matched five numbers for $5,660.50, while 2,275 people matched four numbers to get $86.50 and 47,800 winners will get $5.50 for matching three numbers.
The next drawing of the Florida Lottery is Saturday.