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UF makes ‘Not Done Yet’ a hit for former resident

By Staff | Sep 25, 2009

A professional Nashville country singer, who grew up and attended schools in Cape Coral, recently experienced a dream come true with his song, “Not Done Yet,” a track off of his fifth record that was released last year.
Timothy Craig said his song has become very popular over the past two weeks after he saw a Sports Illustrated magazine with University of Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow making the statement that he is “Not Done Yet.” He said the quarterback was referring to a promise he made last season to his teammates after the Gators’ loss to Ole Miss.
Craig said his promise to himself, which gave him inspiration to write the song, was the same promise Tebow made to his teammates of not quitting and not being done yet.
Craig took it upon himself to send his new CD “You Got It” to the University of Florida Gators head football coach Urban Meyers. In the package he sent the original lyrics to “Not Done Yet.”
“I won’t quit, my heart won’t let me break a promise, I can’t forget, I’m not done yet,” his lyrics state.
Craig said he re-wrote the versus of one of the songs on the new CD to tailer Tebow’s promise to the Florida Gators, but he said he kept the same lyrics for the chorus.
After sending the package to the coach, he said he received a thank you card in the mail from the coach and quarterback, along with two autographs, after they defeated Oklahoma for the national title.
“I wanted to write a song about college football and about the Gators specifically,” Craig said.
He said he has always loved the Gators.
The single, “Not Done Yet,” is available at Rainbow Records in Cape Coral, Brents Music in Fort Myers and at the University of Florida bookstores for $5.
Craig said the single will be available on iTunes in about a month.
“I’m excited for it to be on iTunes because then it’s instant for people to purchase,” he said.
Craig said his musical journey began during middle school when he first got a taste for the drums. After he graduated from Cape Coral High School he moved to Gainsville to attend Santa Fe, where his passion of music grew.
While in Gainsville, Craig taught himself how to play the acoustic guitar, along with writing song lyrics for the first time. He said his journey then led him to Nashville, Tenn., where he continued his musical dream of playing with a band and in front of others.
Craig’s journey then led him to L.A. where he expanded his passion of music. While there he decided to move back to Nashville where he wrote his most recent album.
“I played in L.A. forever and then decided that country music became edgy in Nashville and thought that’s where I wanted to be,” he said. “That’s where everything started really happening.
“It’s been a really fun ride, it’s been really great,” Craig said about his success in the music industry.
He said he does not regret not finishing school or where his journey has led him.
“I would do the same thing over again,” Craig said.
For more information about his career, visit: www.timothycraig.com or www.myspace.com/timothycraignotdoneyet.