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State approves Captiva golf cart ordinance; DOT allows nighttime usage

By Staff | Sep 17, 2009

During the monthly meeting of the Captiva Community Panel, panelists received good news, as administrator Ken Gooderham announced that the golf cart ordinance the panel passed in June has been approved by both the County and the State.

“The ordinance that was passed by the County Commissioners in June has come back from Tallahassee and is now enforced,” said Gooderham.

“Also, [the Lee County Department of Transportation] has made the determination that nighttime use will be allowed in the village. The question is, really, when they will allow that to happen,” Gooderham added, noting that it will take some time for the ordinance to go into affect.

“The ordinance was approved to require licensed drivers and to properly-equip carts if nighttime use were to ever happen. DOT has since decided that nighttime use is okay.

“They made the determination, and the questions is, really, when they will allow that to happen,” Gooderham continued.

“The enforcement question is the issue, and that’s going to be up to the sheriff’s office. They’re going to want to inform the renters and give people some time to get used to it. They won’t come in and start writing tickets tomorrow.”

In the meantime, Gooderham said, attempts will be made to educate the community about the new ordinance, which requires all golf cart operators to be licensed drivers and, if they are to drive at night, all golf carts must be properly-equipped.

Gooderham also noted that golf carts are not permitted to drive on the safety shoulders that run on both sides of Captiva Drive. Golf cart drivers are encouraged to pull over into the shoulder to let vehicles pass, but are not allowed to actually drive on the shoulder.

Panel member Harry Silverglide added that he would like to discuss extending the golf cart zone down to ‘Tween Waters Inn at some point in the near future.