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Man accused of possession, intent to sell

By Staff | Sep 11, 2009

Cape Coral police arrested a Fort Myers man on drug charges after he was pulled over for allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road Tuesday night.
Judler Malbranche, 31, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell and possession of marijuana under 20 grams. He also was issued warning tickets for careless driving and driving with a suspended license.
According to police, Malbranche drove his 1997 green Chevrolet the wrong direction in a turn lane going east on Southwest 47th Terrace at Skyline Boulevard, at which point they conducted a traffic stop at about 11 p.m.
Police said they smelled “burnt cannabis” upon approaching the vehicle. Malbranche reportedly said he had smoked marijuana earlier, but that there were no illegal substances in the car.
Police searched the car and discovered a clear bag of marijuana, 43 pieces of cocaine in a pill container and various shavings and larger shavings of marijuana, reports state.
Malbranche reportedly admitted the drugs were his, and said they were for personal use.
A passenger in the vehicle denied knowledge of the drugs being in the car, but said he had known Malbranche to sell cocaine in the past, officials said.
Malbranche has a criminal history of possession and sale of narcotics, according to police.
Malbranche was taken to the Lee County Jail in apparent good health. He was released Wednesday on $6,000 bond.