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Home School Program offered at Edison & Ford Winter Estates

By Staff | Sep 4, 2009

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates Home School Program is a great way for children to experience history, science and the arts first-hand at the National Register Historic Site.

Beginning on Friday, Sept. 18 from 1 to 3 p.m., Home School Programs will be offered each month throughout the year. Activities are centered in the air conditioned and restored Edison Caretaker’s House and include experiences throughout the historic site.

The Estates is a living lab, where each project or activity challenges students in the sciences, art and nature to ask questions and discover the answers for themselves while having fun. The following sessions are open for enrollment:

Sept. 18, Living Lab: Thomas Edison’s Fort Myers home was the site of his research lab and gardens. Home Schoolers will learn about Edison’s quest for rubber while performing hands-on botanical experiments.

Oct. 16, Can You Hear Me Now?: The science of communication technology is advancing every day. The phonograph was Edison’s favorite invention. Home Schoolers will learn about Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s contributions to community technology, from phonograph to nano-iPod.

Nov. 20, Rocks & Minerals & Thomas Edison: Home Schoolers will learn about minerals and rocks including what Edison did with iron ore and Edison’s own concrete mixture.

Dec. 4, Experiments for the Holidays: Home Schoolers will study the science of the holidays, performing experiments including how a jolly chubby man can fit down a chimney, how reindeer fly and how a spinning dreidel keeps from falling, as well as a variety of new experiments.

Jan. 8, Eager Engineers: Inspired by Henry Ford, Home Schoolers will learn how simple machines become complex machines, as well as the science of building bridges.

Feb. 5, Movie Making Secrets: Home Schoolers will act, direct, operate a camera and build sets to produce their own film.

March 19, Power & Energy: Home Schoolers will study the power of different sources of energy that are used in today’s homes throughout the world.

April 23, Ford Aerodynamics and Flight: In addition to cars, Henry Ford built airplanes. Home Schoolers will learn the history and science of flight.

May 21, Stormy Weather: Home Schoolers will test their skills as a meteorologist as they learn the science of predicting weather.

Home schooled students and their parents can enroll in a half day of curriculum that follows the Florida Sunshine objectives for learning. The program follows the Lee County mandated program and addresses environmental science, history and reading SOLS. Pre-visit curriculum materials will be mailed to registered families. Registration in advance is required.

For additional information, call 239-334-7419 or visit the estate’s Web site at www.efwefla.org.