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Health department offers pneumonia vaccine to residents

By Staff | Sep 4, 2009

The Lee County Health Department announced this week that it is offering vaccines for pneumonia.
Flu vaccines are currently available to the public as well.
A vaccine for H1N1 or “swine flu” is currently being synthesized, yet getting the pneumonia vaccine can add further protection from an often deadly lung disease.
Pneumonia, the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, is an inflammatory illness of the lungs that often develops in patients who have recently had the flu. Its symptoms include cough, chest pain, fever and difficulty breathing.
According to the Health Department, many people who have contracted H1N1 this year have also developed pneumonia.
While the vaccine will not prevent someone from getting pneumonia, it is added protection during the flu season and can last more than 10 years for one person.
“The pneumonia vaccine won’t keep you from getting the flu,” said Dr. Judith Hartner, director of the Lee County Health Department. “But getting the pneumonia vaccine is a proactive measure people can take to further protect themselves from the serious and sometimes deadly complications that can result from acquiring the flu.”
The cost of the pneumonia vaccine is $40 for adults and is available at the health department.
It is recommended that people over the age of 65 get the vaccine, but many other types of people should also consider getting it.
For more information, contact your health care provider or the Lee County Health Department at 332-9601.