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O-negative blood donors are needed

By Staff | Aug 31, 2009

Florida’s Blood Centers, the local blood bank, has been appealing for donations of O negative blood type as soon as possible. O negative is the universal blood type and is transfused into any person needing immediate treatment for traumas and emergencies. People with O negative are needed immediately.

Visit FloridasBloodCenters.org to find out about the blood type that runs through the veins of seven percent of the population, and how this universal type is used in emergencies.

Blood donations help save the lives of people needing routine surgery, trauma patients, premature babies and cancer patients at local hospitals who depend on those donations for life-saving blood transfusion. The patient needing blood transfusions could be your neighbor, a family member or even yourself. Most donations will impact those patients within a few days. If you have ever donated blood or thought about it, now is the time to be a local hero and save lives in your community.

The public is encouraged to call 1-888-9DONATE for center locations to make a donation. Check out eligibility questions at FloridasBloodCenters.org.

Source: Florida’s Blood Centers