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What Mack and Moskowitz didn’t say

By Staff | Aug 26, 2009

To the editor,

Considering the 40 years prior to Jan. 20, 2009, the Republicans were in control 70 percent of the time. Here is just some of their record:

The national debt went from 850 billion to 11 trillion plus. The most recent of those eight years, the debt went up six trillion, due to two wars – Afghanistan and Iraq.

So far, we know that at least 5,000 G.I.’s were lost, along with 20,000 or more wounded. Abu Grahib’s horror occurred, which caused our standing in the world to plummet to zero. According to the English Lancet, about 600,000 civilians were killed. (Bush later declared only 30,000).

Building 11 at Walter Reed for Vets was in despicable rat-infested condition.

Vets were assigned 15 month duty tours, with some soldiers enduring three and four repeated tours, and 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 refugees were created.

Then, Bush and Paulson came out with the TARP 700 billion because of an ensuing recession. All this and more caused Obama to inherit the worst national and international crisis since Roosevelt.

I write as a World War II combat veteran awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses and four Air Medals, so don’t tell me what the vast number of Americans want.

Edward A. Sieber