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Storm season alert: Blood donations needed immediately

By Staff | Aug 18, 2009

Storm season is here, and if hurricanes threaten our community, blood donations will be needed to prepare for emergencies. Blood must be available to patients in need 24 hours a day. That’s why Florida’s Blood Centers is calling for donations of all blood types.
FBC encourages residents to donate blood as part of their emergency readiness routines, just like making sure they have plenty of non-perishable food, water and batteries.
Blood donations help save the lives of people needing routine surgery, trauma patients, premature babies and cancer patients at local hospitals who depend on those donations for life-saving blood transfusion. The patient needing blood transfusions could be your neighbor, a family member or even yourself. Most donations will impact those patients within a few days.
Call 1-888-9DONATE for center locations to make a donation. Check out eligibility questions on our web site at www.floridasbloodcenters.org