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Additional charges lodged against UPS driver accused of stealing

By Staff | Aug 13, 2009

A United Parcel Service driver accused of stealing goods he was supposed to deliver is now facing additional charges.
Detectives with the Property Unit of the Cape Coral Police Department have filed additional charges against Craig Podleski, 31, who was charged Aug. 11 with grand theft. Podleski is accused of stealing items he was to deliver to various customers in Lee County.
The additional charges are: Dealing in Stolen Property – Organized: 1st Degree Felony; Larceny – From Shipment/Cargo in Stream of Commerce $50,000.00 or More: 1st Degree Felony; and Larceny – $100,000.00 or More: 1st Degree Felony.
Based on a sampling of confirmed stolen property, the total value of the items recovered will exceed $100,000, officials said Thursday, adding it will take further investigation to determine the final value of all of the items that are stolen.
Detectives have been able to determine that Podleski had a system for which he divided up the stolen property, officials said. Those officials say it appears there were three categories of property:
– Items that he kept for personal use
– Items that he sold on internet sites such as Craigslist and Ebay
– Items that he took apart and sold. For example, jewelry was taken apart and the stones separated and the gold sold.
The investigation still is active.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department