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CRA moves ahead with plans to redevelop new land

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency approved plans for its recently acquired land Tuesday, even though the driving force behind the added lands, the purchase of The Golf Course, is anything but certain.
On June 8, city council members voted unanimously to add 1,100 acres to the CRA, nearly tripling its size.
The new land included the 175-acre The Golf Course, which was shut down three years ago by its current owner, Florida Gulf Venture, because it was losing money.
CRA officials want to restore the golf course and the surrounding area, but plans to purchase the course through the nonprofit Trust for Public Lands stumbled two weeks ago when Florida Gulf Ventures terminated a purchase agreement signed earlier this year.
Despite the impasse, CRA officials are moving forward with their redevelopment plans for the area.
“The purchase of the golf course is in the plan. It’s part of a whole litany of things to do to that area,” CRA Executive Director John Jacobsen said.
Besides the golf course, the CRA aims to improve stormwater drainage, curbs and gutters, and conduct road resurfacing projects in the new lands.
Residents in the area will likely see the minor changes instead of large projects changing the landscape overnight.
“I don’t think there’s going to be an immediate impact just because they’re in the CRA,” said CRA Boardmember Scott Hertz.
The CRA’s redevelopment plan will be introduced to the city council Aug. 24.
Council members will likely vote on the plan Sept. 21, Jacobsen said.