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Jewelry artist Krivenko creates unique beaded, silver bracelets

By Staff | Jul 30, 2009

Joyce Krivenko is a former teacher and boutique owner who, quite by accident, discovered she had a talent for creating cleverly hand-crafted bangles out of sparkling silver and beautiful beads.

Born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania in the Wilkes-Barre area, Krivenko currently resides on Sanibel with her husband Charles and her cat Chili Pepper.

She says that after her children left home – the Krivenkos have twin daughters named Karsten and Lindsey, and one son, Judd – she and her husband wanted to expand their horizons.

“We wanted our own adventure. My husband took a job with Lee Memorial [and] we decided to buy a home on Sanibel since it fit into our lifestyle,” Krivenko said, noting that when she’s not designing unique jewelry, she enjoys biking, running and swimming.

But most of all, Krivenko loves to play tennis.

“I am on three leagues and play out of the Landings,” Krivenko said.

She’s also a dedicated grandmother.

“We presently have five grandchildren – four granddaughters in the Boston area and a grandson in Bermuda,” Krivenko said,

So how did this active island woman actualize the latent jewelry designer within?

“I have always been interested in some form of art and have taken classes in cooking, pottery, painting and jewelry,” Krivenko said, adding that she used to be a part-owner of a small boutique where, during the course of her job, she developed an affinity for the handcrafted jewelry she was selling.

“I would have to say that was the beginning of my jewelry fix,” she said.

A former teacher with a degree in elementary education, Krivenko says she discovered her talent for jewelry-making almost by accident.

About six years ago, after losing a handcrafted, beaded bracelet shortly after she had purchased it, Krivenko enlisted fellow artist Susan Sadler to help her try to recreate the piece.

“After researching beads, silver wire [and] whatever it was that I needed, I was hooked on twisting silver into bracelets,” she said.

After her attempt at reassembling the bracelet, Krivenko found further inspiration from another jewelry artist.

“I discovered an artist on the internet that I was attracted to immediately because of her designs and materials and was lucky enough to be able to take a course from her in Philadelphia. She helped set the stage for my part time jewelry career,” Krivenko said.

In addition to bracelets, Krivenko also makes earrings and zipper pulls.

All of Krivenko’s delightful creations are available at 2 Islands Gallery in Chadwick Square and the Tower Gallery on Sanibel.

“I love being part of something as special as 2 Islands and to share space with such talented individuals,” Krivenko said.

2 Islands Gallery in Chadwick Square at South Seas Island Resort, open to the public every day from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For more information about the gallery, call 472-5111 ext. 7633.