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LCEC issues scam alert

By Staff | Jul 29, 2009

LCEC has received word that a customer in Cape Coral received a call from an individual claiming to represent LCEC. The individual attempted to set an appointment to visit the customer’s house to show her how to save on her electric bill. Today, a person arrived at her door, repeating this claim. The customer did the right thing and called the police.
Residents should be advised that LCEC Energy Survey appointments are set up at the customers’ request only. LCEC does not contact customers to solicit these types of meetings.
In the event that an LCEC employee needs to enter your home for any reason, a representative will contact you to schedule an appointment at the customers’ request. LCEC employees work in marked LCEC vehicles and have LCEC identification badges. LCEC tree-trimming contractors also work in marked vehicles and have identification badges. If someone posing as an LCEC employee or contractor attempts to gain access to your home, contact the authorities immediately. If it is possible to secure the make, model and tag number of the vehicle it may help in preventing future incidents.
In addition, LCEC protects your privacy and account information. Before discussing a customer account, LCEC must be provided with an account number, the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number or a personal security password.
Residents may also call LCEC directly at 239-656-2300 if they receive a suspicious phone call. LCEC Representatives can confirm or deny that we have contacted them.

Source: LCEC