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Man accused of crashing pickup truck through garage, into house

By Staff | Jul 24, 2009

A Cape Coral man was arrested early Thursday morning after reportedly crashing a Dakota Sport pickup truck through the front of a house he is renting.
Roland Scott Chesser, 44, of 1827 S.E. 16th St., was charged with DUI, DUI with property damage and driving while license suspended.
Chesser’s landlord, Bill Mayer, was home next door at approximately 3 a.m. when he reportedly witnessed the event.
“One of my tenants drove a pickup truck through the house and went right through the wall into the master bedroom,” he said. “The police and the fire department were there.”
Mayer said Chesser’s girlfriend was sleeping in the couple’s bed when the truck crashed through the garage and into the bedroom.
Following Chesser’s arrest, the home was shut down. Although neighbors were informed they could not enter the home, Mayer did so to take photographs of the damage.
Once in the house, he heard heavy breathing in the garage.
“I heard something breathing in the corner of the garage, and it was one of the dogs,” Mayer said.
Neo, a retired German shepherd police dog owned by Chesser, was trapped under debris.
Mayer and some neighbors managed to free the dog from the wreckage and it was later treated.
He said the dog is in good health.
“The dog is fine, everything is great,” Mayer said. “It’s going to go back to the owner. They were happy to have it back.”
Mayer is assessing the damage on the property as the truck remains lodged in the home.
“We could be looking at $7,000 easily if someone had to do the work,” he said. “A whole wall is gone. I don’t know if it is a structural wall, and there could be a lot wrong with the roof.”