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Socialized medicine

By Staff | Jul 23, 2009

To the editor,

I believe there is a two-part solution to the healthcare crisis in our country.

1) Socialized medicine. Yes. Good medical care for all not just the wealthy. No, there won’t be long lines. No, we won’t be denied necessary care (as we are now). No, it won’t bankrupt us. Our dollars will actually go toward quality healthcare instead of into the wallets of insurance company executives and stockholders.

2) Comprehensive health care centers. One-stop shopping. We need facilities where if your doctor feels you require an x-ray and a blood test, you go down the hall to get them. Need a specialist? You see one immediately in the same facility without waiting months. This model already exists in our country and works well.

Why do we allow a handful of rich health insurance company executives and stockholders to hijack our healthcare system? These individuals may have millions of public relations and lobbying dollars on their side, but we’ve got millions of voices.

It’s time we used them to shout: “We want socialized medicine and comprehensive health care centers now!”

Donna Gephart

Jupiter, Fla.