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Exotic snake, Charlotte County Animal Control to star in Animal Planet’s Untamed & Uncut TV Show

By Staff | Jul 21, 2009

A determined 13-foot red-tail boa constrictor gained national media attention for Punta Gorda in November 2008, when Charlotte County Animal Control extracted the exotic snake from a car’s engine compartment parked in a church parking lot on Airport Road. On Sunday, Aug. 16, the television show “Untamed & Uncut” will air the gripping tale on the Animal Planet cable channel at 9 p.m. EDT.
“Snakes have a mind of their own, it’s very difficult to get them to release,” said Animal Control Officer Reannon Juergensen when asked about the precarious situation the snake found itself in by wrapping itself inside of a car engine compartment and the difficulty in removing it. Juergensen was one of several animal control officers called to the scene.
Cheri Sundae Productions, producers for “Untamed & Uncut”, filmed the show in April and Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands will gain national and international exposure from the segment. The single day of filming resulted in $5,400 in direct spending for the destination.
“The Film Office, housed within the Visitor & Convention Bureau, works to attract projects that are not only films, but other segments of the industry including television, commercials, documentaries, catalog shoots, music videos and digital media/interactive entertainment,” said Charlotte County Film Office Manager Lindsey Barfield, “All of which can generate significant expenditures and destination awareness.”
With a mission statement of “Enforce-Educate-Assist-Protect,” Charlotte County Animal Control plays a vital role in public safety. The department strives daily to ensure the safety and welfare of Charlotte County citizens through the enforcement of both County ordinances and Florida State Statutes as they pertain to animals and through educating citizens on humane issues dedicated to investigating and resolving citizen complaints.
“Untamed & Uncut” brings viewers the most incredible animal encounters caught on tape from across the globe and is one of Animal Planet’s top performing series.

— Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands