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Families to be given choice to change schools under federal guidelines

By Staff | Jul 13, 2009

Some Lee County families will be given the option to change their child’s school under federal choice mandates.
Under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, schools are examined looking at several sub-categories to determine student academic progress. If any of the sub-groups fail to meet the established criteria, the school is determined to not have made Adequate Yearly Progress. This review of school performance is in addition to Florida’s yearly review using the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test that determines letter grades for schools.
If a Title I school does not make AYP for two consecutive years, families of students in the school in question are given an option to choose another school for their children. In Florida, there are numerous schools that have earned an “A,” “B” or “C” grade from the state DOE, however, failed to make AYP for two consecutive years.
“What we have found is that most families look at the entire picture of what a school provides their child educationally,” said Dr. James Browder in a prepared statement. “Just because a school fell just short of making AYP doesn’t translate into the school not providing a quality experience for children.”
In 2009, 12 Lee County Title I schools earned an “A” grade, four received “B” grades and five earned “C” * J. Colin English Elementary
* Lehigh Acres Middle
* N. Fort Myers Academy
* Orange River Elementary
* Ray Pottorf Elementary
* Tice Elementary

This communication offers parents an option to transfer their child to a designated school within their residential/attendance zone. The informational letter includes a choice form to be completed by the parent/guardian and mailed to the District in a self-addressed stamped envelope provided
The deadline to respond to the transfer option is Tuesday, July 28. Parents may choose to have their child remain at the school and receive free tutoring, also referred to as Supplemental Educational Services. The free tutoring applies only to students participating in the federal free/reduced lunch program.
Parents are encouraged to respond to the letter via the U. S. Mail or by dropping the form off at the Lee County Public Education Center, 2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers

Source: School District of Lee County