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Q&A with Sanibel pharmacist Reggie Mathai

By Staff | Jul 10, 2009

What brought you to Sanibel?

It was an opportunity to work in a professional service oriented environment and the opportunity to interact with patients.

What do you enjoy most about the islands?

I enjoy the people and their laid-back island take on life.

Members of the community seem to think highly of you. Your sense of caring appears evident as you chat with customers. What inspired you to become a pharmacist?

I really enjoy helping people and this career choice gave me that opportunity.

Any advice for staying healthy?

Just something as making a conscious decision to eat well most of the time will have positive health benefits.

What are the greatest challenges and rewards to being a pharmacist in today’s often medically complex world?

Challenges would be in keeping abreast of the newest information, and the rewards are in applying the information and being able to help a patient better themselves.

What are your long/short-term goals?

The long and short term goals are always focused on offering more services and taking care of the patient to a greater degree that they are accustomed to.