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Notes on the refrigerator

By Staff | Jul 10, 2009


There is nothing


to eat

in the refrigerator

I have gone

to Timber’s bar

for food

and comfort

This time

I forgive you

Don’t wait up

for me

I couldn’t find

the AA batteries

we usually keep

in the butter dish.

Had to work

the TV manually

and keep getting up

to change the channel.

Please turn

the TV off

when you come

to bed.

I missed you

when I woke up

this morning

forgot your

CAT scan date

but couldn’t wait

my stress test at ten


sorry I’ll be back

at two and then

we’ll wait for

each other’s results

The CAT scan

was last week

when you were busy

with your writer’s group

I took the car

for its oil change

that you forgot

came back

then left right away

for eleven o’clock

waxing and pedicure

Dr. Faustus called

to make

an appointment

for soul swapping

I told him

you had

your hands full

with mine

He insists

you signed off on it

Will call again

round midnight

(Apologies to William Carlos Williams)