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Jury selection begins in Washington double-murder retrial

By Staff | Jul 8, 2009

Fifty-five potential jurors will soon be brought into a Lee County Justice
Center courtroom to begin jury selection in the Cash Feenz double-murder retrial
of Roderick A. Washington.
Washington is one of 10 co-defendants in the beating, torture and killing of
Jeffrey and Alexis Sosa at a 2006 house party by a rap group and alleged gang
known as the Cash Feenz.
Washington is accused of holding a gun on the Sosas as they were tied up and tortured by
several others at co-defendant Kemar Johnston’s Cape Coral home.
Washington was found guilty of two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly
weapon during his first trial in early May. However, jurors were unable to
determine guilt on four other counts — two first-degree murder counts and two
counts of kidnaping.
Judge Thomas Reese, who is presiding over Washington’s trial this week,
sentenced him Tuesday to served two 15-year prison terms consecutively, for a
total of 30 years. Washington must serve the sentence regardless of the outcome
of his second trial, which will focus on the remaining four counts.
Several family members from both the Sosa and Washington families are present in
the courtroom this morning as Washington and attorneys quietly await the arrival
of the jury.