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Attorneys search for bias in potential Washington jurors; closed-door questioning continues

By Staff | Jul 8, 2009

Jury selection in the double-murder retrial of Roderick Washington has resumed following a break for lunch.
Lee Circuit judge Thomas Reese and attorneys are questioning potential jurors in a private room behind the courtroom. Also present are a court stenographer, a bailiff, a court reporter and several media reporters.
Reese is asking each person if they have heard of the case, if they have formed opinions, if they can be impartial and if they are able to sit on a jury for multiple days, likely into next week.
The defense has asked several prospective jurors if they have heard of the ?Cash Feenz,? the alleged gang accused in the beating, torture and killing of Alexis and Jeffrey Sosa in 2006.
Several have heard of Washington?’s case through news reports.
Two jurors have been excused due to their knowledge of Washington’?s recent sentencing of 30 years in prison for two counts of aggravated battery with a
deadly weapon. Another juror, for whom today is the anniversary of his son’?s murder, was excused due to his inability to be impartial.
Jury selection continues.