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‘Give me Liberty or Give me Death’ but not another toll

By Staff | Jul 2, 2009

Lee County is at it again. Whenever it has a shortfall and looks for an opportunity to raise revenues the answer always seems to be stick it to Sanibel.

Can you really believe that with the economy in free fall and Sanibel businesses fighting to stay alive that Lee County is talking about raising tolls on the Sanibel Causeway again? Shouldn’t Sanibel have a say in this matter? Why do we have a system of government where the citizens of Sanibel aren’t able to control our own destinies and make those important decisions for ourselves?

I can just see it coming American Revolutionary War Number Two.

It’s taxation without representation all over again. If Lee County increases the tolls on the Causeway without our approval then we may as well consider seceding from Lee County once again. We can be our own county.

It’s a shame that Sanibel was forced to give up our weapons of mass destruction just when we really needed them. A few buck shots aimed at the right parts of the anatomy of Lee County officials would certainly help get our message across more effectively.

Sanibel should take matters into its own hands. Not only should we put a freeze on tolls but we should call for a temporary moratorium on all Sanibel Causeway tolls. Let’s give the toll collectors a paid leave of absence and allow all traffic to enter Sanibel free of charge. That should help local businesses. To enforce this we may need to arm ourselves, of course. And if this means drafting our young ones to form a Sanibel militia then so be it. If this is to be a true revolution let’s not forget the fifes and drums.

Folks, we just can’t afford higher tolls. All of us were in a deep state of shock when the tolls went from three dollars to six a few years back. Plus the comparable increase in the LeeWay discount package. Yes, we have a new Causeway but that was really thrust on us by Lee County. If you recall, Sanibel fought it tooth and nail. It seems that whatever Sanibel objects to Lee County embraces. Where is all this heading?

My crystal ball tells me that the answer is revolution. Forget about throwing tons of tea bags into the bay. This is Sanibel, not Boston. Been there, done that. Now it’s time to prove our points in more contemporary ways.

We should enlist the help of foreign nations. I urge our distinguished Mayor of Sanibel to create a new NATO the North Atlantic Toll Organization-to help keep a lid on municipal toll increases in the entire western world. Toll payers of the world unite to keep your tolls down and your household expenses under control.

Let our revolution extend to any democratic nation that contemplates raising its own tolls. If it can happen in Sanibel it can happen in any country that has bridges, tunnels, causeways and highways.

Car owners are already burdened by the high costs of owning and operating our vehicles. We need relief not more taxes in the form of tolls. Let Lee County create a swine flu tax instead.

Lee County continues to raise the specter of toll increases. Can a $20 toll be that far off? Not if Lee County has anything to say about it.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” But don’t give me another toll increase.