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Cape man reports confronting home invasion robber

By Staff | Jul 1, 2009

A Cape Coral man told police that he fought off a male robber in his home Monday afternoon.
The victim said he recovered a stolen cell phone during a physical altercation with the robber, but the man made off with $600 in cash, reports state.
The robbery was reported at 2 p.m. in the 200 block of Southwest 43rd Street.
Reports state that another occupant of the home told the victim that there was a strange noise coming from the garage area.
The victim said he confronted the alleged robber in the kitchen, who he described as a skinny white male with short, spiked hair and a thin jawline beard, wearing cargo shorts, a white T-shirt, and a black and blue baseball cap.
The victim told police that he did not recognize the man, but could identify him in a photo lineup.
Reports state that the robber told the victim that the home belonged to his aunt.
After retrieving his cell phone, the victim said he called 911. The robber fled in a white Infinity.
The victim said he discovered the $600 missing from a dresser drawer in the home.
Police found the robber’s hat in the driveway, which had fallen off during the altercation, and a screwdriver on the garage floor, according to reports.
Small scratch marks were discovered on the interior garage door handle “as if someone attempted to open it with a sharp object,” police reported.
Additionally, police lifted fingerprints from the interior garage door handle.
The victim said the interior and exterior doors had been locked prior to the alleged robbery.
The incident remains under investigation.