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Officials say four arrested after deputies confronted by disorderly crowd

By Staff | Jun 28, 2009

Four people were arrested Saturday night after officials said a crowd became confrontational while emergency workers tried to assist an injured man.
Two Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies dispatched to Manna Christian Mobile Home Park at 13660 Bonita Beach Road, Lot #99, in reference to a medical assistance call found an intoxicated man kicking and swinging his firsts at medics attempting to treat him, officials said.
The deputies attempted to the aid of the medic.
The man, later identified as Oscar Garcia, 18, then became combative with the deputies, officials said. The deputies ordered Garcia to stop, to no avail. Garcia reportedly kicked one of the deputies in the shin several times.
At this point, another man, Jaime Garcia, 31, became involved, striking a deputy in the shoulder, officials said, adding that Oscar Garcia then began punching a deputy in the face and chest area.
Deputies called for back-up.
By this time, a crowd of 40-60 people had gathered. The crowd was increasing in its hostility toward the deputies, officials said.
The two deputies continued to try and gain compliance from the combatants and, as additional deputies arrived, a systematic push against the crowd was deployed. Deputies were taking golf clubs and sticks away from people, officials said. At this point Esther Garcia, 41, reportedly grabbed a responding deputy by the wrist and tried to pull her away from Jaime Garcia.
A defensive perimeter was set up and deputies were able to gain compliance.
Oscar, Jaime and Esther Garcia were placed under arrest and each charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. A fourth individual, Jose Hilario, 30, was arrested and charged with obstruction.
No serious injuries were reported.

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office