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Council members opt out of Cape mayor’s race

By Staff | Jun 27, 2009

Two Cape Coral city council members who flirted with the idea of a run for the mayor’s seat this year decided against taking the plunge into election season.
Councilmembers Eric Grill and Bill Deile decided not to file resignation letters by the Friday deadline, as required by Florida law for elected officials seeking to run for another office.
Grill had previously stated he would enter the race, while Deile said he had picked up the necessary paperwork but would likely not run.
“I was told there was someone I could support who was going to be entering the race,” Grill said, declining to name the would-be candidate.
Grill said he was uncomfortable with giving up his current seat as a council member if he lost.
“It’s taking a gamble to lose my seat when I’ve got over two years left. I’m happy with the position so I didn’t want to give it up,” Grill said.
Deile was also apprehensive about eschewing his council seat for a mayoral run.
“I’d have to resign and if I lost I’d lose my council seat,” Deile said.
In the mayor’s race Deile said he favors city activist John Sullivan to incumbent Mayor Jim Burch because he is averse to excessive city spending, but does not hold out much hope for Sullivan’s chances.
“I think he’s a weak candidate but at least he’s not a spender,” Deile said.
For his part, Burch said the lack of opposition from fellow council members wouldn’t affect his campaign, but preferred Grill and Deile in the race.
“It doesn’t affect how I think about it,” Burch said.
“I was kind of hoping they would run. I’d like to see those seats filled,” he added.