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Airport owner looks for a buyer on Craigslist

By Staff | Jun 27, 2009

Those browsing the want ads posted on-line will find something a bit out of the ordinary.
Among the many properties listed for sale by owner is the Pine Island Airport in Bokeelia.
Owner, Wayne Reed has been trying to sell his property since 2008 and while it has piqued the interest of many potential buyers the property remains unsold — even after the price dropped from $3 million to just below $1.6 million.
“I have been successful selling things on Craigslist in the past so I figured why not?” said Reed. “So far I have gotten lots of responses from as far away as Tampa, but no takers yet.”
It is Reed’s hope that whoever buys his place will continue to maintain it as an airport.
“I would definitely like to see it remain as an airport. We have a fair number of people who use it to come to the island to visit friends and family or to go fishing. We even have a loaner vehicle people can use when they fly in,” Reed said.
In addition to its regular pilots, Pine Island Airport has also hosted quarterly fly-ins attracting pilots from all over Florida and has served as the take-off location for two customers who have banner towing businesses.
Reed purchased the airport for what he refers to as his retirement project because he was bored, but now he feels it is time to do something else with his time.
“Originally I came down to Florida to spend time boating not spending all of my time cutting grass,” he said.
The airport is located on Ficus Tree Road in Bokeelia and, in addition, to seven hangers and a 2,700-foot grass landing strip, the purchaser of the property will also gain a mobile home, barn and a zoning permit that will allow the construction of an additional 13 hangers.
After retiring from a career as a mechanic Reed relocated from Kentucky to Cape Coral in 1999. He then purchased the airport in 2002 shortly after taking up flying as a hobby.
When the airport is transferred to a new owner, Reed plans to remain an island resident.
“When the airport does sell, I plan to buy a home on the water in Matlacha and spend more time boating to the islands,” Reed said.
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