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Cape Police: VIN Unit arrests three

By Staff | Jun 25, 2009

Cape Police officers with the Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics Unit have arrested three people on drug and warrant charges at a Cape Coral home where a sexual battery was previously reported.
Eric Christopher Bodden, 22, was charged with drug trafficking and narcotics equipment possession, while Samantha Dawn Southwick, 19, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Erik Michael Rucker, 18, was arrested on two outstanding warrants for failure to appear.
The VIN Unit executed its search warrant at 7:47 p.m. Wednesday with the assistance of the SWAT team at 4519 SE 14th Place. In one bedroom, officers located $1,253 in cash in a wallet belonging to Bodden, officials said. Next to the wallet was a digital scale. Also found was a prescription pill bottle containing seven, small plastic bags, which had a total of 61 Roxicodone pills. Bodden reportedly told police the wallet was his but denied knowledge of the pills. In another bedroom, loose marijuana weighing .5 grams was found in a dresser drawer.
A purse belonging to Southwick was located in the kitchen. The purse contained a red, cut straw with white residue, officials said, adding that Southwick told them she used the straw to snort crushed Xanax tablets.
An active warrants check on all occupants revealed that Rucker had two active warrants. Cape Police arrested Bodden and Rucker and transported the two for booking, while Southwick was issued a Notice to Appear.
The home is the location where a recent sexual battery occurred resulting in criminal charges against Candelario Zerquera, 22. The residence has been described by individuals as a place where frequent parties occur, and drugs and alcohol are consumed, officials said.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department