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Gadgets can make life easier and fun for Dad

By Staff | Jun 19, 2009

Ties and grill stuff might be tried and true as far as Father’s Day gift giving goes but when it comes down to it most boys love their toys. And the faster, more novel and sexier it is the better.

Island residents – many known for their sense of style, environment conscientiousness and tech savy – delight in acquiring and using items like smart cars which run on batteries and watches that work as good they look.

To make your Father’s Day gift-giving a little easier and possibly more fun here’s a list of fun, luxury items for the men in your life.

First things first – beer

No matter if your special guy loves to fish, spend time on the golf course or tinker with cars he probably enjoys a good cold one when he is relaxing. So why not surprise your dearest with a beer maker. There are a number of beer making machines available online. Here’s one we found called the Complete Beer Machine 2000. It comes with a brewing guide and is designed to fit in your refrigerator. The beermaker costs about $130 with shipping and handling. To learn more about the beer maker check out info@beermachine.com.

How about a game of pool?

Many of the male species can’t turn down a good game of pool. But for those of you who have pool afficianados in your life check out the Zanzibar by Brunswick. The table is named after a small island off the coast East Africa. According to bornrich.org the table is made from exotic woods from around the world, including European Mappa burl and rails of rich American Cherry.

The table also boasts textured, etched brass panels on the aprons and leg pedestals. Handcrafted brass monkeys support the rail next to each pocket. Since the the high-end table is not an ordinary product, availability varies.

Brunswick Billiards a well-known name in pool tables and game room furniture offers the table. Manufactured by Theodore Alexander and designed by Paul Maitland-Smith, the 9-foot Zanzibar table is available for around $25,000.

Make your man king with his own throne

Porcelain that is. For those of you looking to get your father or partner something unique and yet practical for Father’s Day you might consider a toilet with a self-closing seat. The Danish firm Pressalit has created a commode that automatically shuts the lid after use. This means no more – or less arguments – with the fairer sex over leaving seats up or down after use. Checkout this smart toilet that does the thinking and flushing for you at www.pressalit.com.

For those looking for a set of wheels that are easy on gas and the environment as well as a great present for Dad – the Ford Think could fit this bill. The cars that run on a large battery that gets plugged into the wall can be purchased at Gulf to Bay at Sotheby’s on Sanibel.

Telling time with a manly flair

Still want something tried and true but with a sprinkle of panache and a heavy dose of manliness. Check out the TAG Heuer swiss watch limited edition Grand Carrera. The watches oozes manliness and virility. It has a stainless steel automatic chronometer and silver dial. It uses rotating discs used instead of traditional watch hands. Leonardo Di Caprio has one of these super stylish timepieces. Lily’s Jewelers on Tarpon Road, Sanibel is an authorized dealer. Its costs a little more than $4,000.