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BMX track to host yearly Father’s Day race

By Staff | Jun 19, 2009

Fathers will have the chance to celebrate a day early at the Cape Coral BMX track with a special ride for dads.
The Father’s Day race — to be held Saturday — has become a favorite for BMX dads, giving them the chance to hit the track just like their kids.
Two races will be available, one for experienced riders and one for “true rookies,” those dads who have never suited up and put the pedal to the medal.
Robert Fain, assistant director at High Tech North and track spokesman, said he is going to get on the track for the first time.
“My kids have been racing 11 years … I’m turning 60 and I figured it was time,” he said. “I’m one of the ‘true rookies’ this year.”
The event is aimed at bringing together the local BMX community and giving dads who have never had the chance to see what it is like to compete on, what Fain calls, one of the nation’s premier BMX facilities.
“The dads are going to be racing just like the kids,” he said. “For dads who are new (to BMX), it’s a chance for them to go out and get a different respect for the track. It’s not as easy as it looks.”
Scheduled the day before Father’s Day, it is also a chance for kids to appreciate their fathers and see them in action.
Dads will race each other in two separate groups, one for the experienced riders and one for the rookies.
Kids will have the chance to race in three different heats: rookie, novice and expert.
Fain said that despite the economy, BMX has been successful. Maybe even more so, given the fact that it does not cost much to participate.
“With our local races, we’ve actually seen it grow. It’s not a particularly expensive sport,” he said. “State and national races have been reduced, but we’ve seen our numbers grow.”
For those who want to race, it is only $7 per rider. The event is free and open to spectators.
For more information, visit the Web site at: capecoralbmx.org.