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Jordan officially appointed city’s Planning Director

By Staff | Jun 17, 2009

It was a long time coming, but – as Jimmy Jordan himself said – it was well worth the wait.

Last week, City Manager Judie Zimomra announced that Jordan has been officially appointed as the city’s Planning Director. Jordan initially joined the City of Sanibel’s staff in 1985.

Asked about his reaction to the announcement, Jordan explained that it was a combination of both relief and elation.

“I kinda felt like this decision was eventually going to be made, but I wasn’t really sure when it was going to happen,” he said. “I think the e-mail [announcing his appointment] went out early on Friday, and I received about 30 e-mails congratulating me almost instantly. I guess if you stay around long enough, good things do happen.”

Jordan, who was named the acting Director of Planning following Robert Duffy’s departure in March, gives a lot of credit to the former director for his support and guidance over the past five years.

“I know Bob recommended me [for the position], and he had a great deal of influence,” said Jordan. “But I also had a lot of support from the community, especially the City Manager and council members.”

Among Jordan’s many accomplishments during his tenure include working on the following projects:

Preparation of the Evaluation and Appraisal Report based amendments of the Sanibel Plan

Preparation of Land Development Code Amendments for Emergency Electric Power Generator

Development and preparation of the City Build-back Regulations

Facilitating the Local Business Roundtable Discussion Group

Preparation of Citizen’s Guide to Coastal and Flood Plain Management

Inventorying and updating the City’s telecommunications tolerant areas

Jordan has more than 24 years of professional planning experience, all with the City of Sanibel. He began his career with Sanibel as a Planning Technician and was later appointed to the position of Planner.

Prior to joining the city staff, Jordan worked briefly for the State of Florida, serving with the Child and Family Services Department. He admits that the job “wasn’t my cup of tea,” however, he soon learned that both Lee County and the City of Sanibel were accepting applications for their respective Planning Departments. He applied to both and, after interviews with each, Jordan chose Sanibel.

“I picked the city because it was home,” he noted, “and I’ve been here ever since.”

Jordan attended Sanibel Elementary School, earned his Associates in Arts Degree from Edison Community College and his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida, majoring in Public Administration with a minor in Urban Planning.

Although his first official meeting as Planning Director won’t happen until July 14, Jordan lists his immediately goals as continuing implementation of the Sanibel Plan and the Land Development Code; maintaining a productive Planning Department responsive to the citizens and visitors of Sanibel; and implementing the department’s work programs as determined by City Council and the City Manager.

“My focus is to carry out the policies of the Sanibel Plan,” he added. “I understand just how important that is for our community.”

Jordan, a Sanibel resident, son of the late Carl and Mozella Jordan, is married to Marguerite and has two daughters, Alicia Jordan of Washington, D.C. and Angelica Jordan of Sanibel, and is a proud new grandfather to Amaya.