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Churches team up on ‘Celebrate Jesus Mission’

By Staff | Jun 16, 2009

Residents may see a lot of people dressed in red shirts knocking on doors starting Saturday as part of a group church mission walk.
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is teaming up with North Fort Myers United Methodist Church for the event.
Called the “Celebrate Jesus Mission,” with the words emblazoned on the red shirts, the event revolves around Christian missionaries invited in from other areas in Florida and out of state.
“They are actually leading the event — we are helping them,” said Good Shepherd event coordinator Audrey Martin. “We’ll be walking around from June 20 through June 26 throughout North Fort Myers and north Cape Coral.”
The missionaries plan to stop by residences and businesses.
“They are going to go to some of the local businesses delivering cookies, snacks and so forth just to show random acts of kindness,” Martin said. “They’ll also be rapping on doors, giving out information and a free invitation to the block party.”
A bag with information from the churches also will be distributed.
The mission walk will culminate with a block party from 5-8 p.m. June 26 at the Shell Factory & Nature Park in North Fort Myers.
Martin explained that there is an interesting connection between the two churches.
“Pastor Lia Willetts is the pastor of North Fort Myers United Methodist Church and her husband, Pastor Tom Willetts, is our pastor at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church,” she said.
Martin added that another interesting fact is Willetts offers a Spanish service in addition to the regular church service.
Organizers are enjoying working with the Shell Factory in planning the block party.
“The Shell Factory has been so nice and so cooperative,” Martin said. “They are also doing anything to help. They are wonderful people.”
Organizers also will have help from Suncoast Mission.
“When we walk, we will also get prayer requests for spiritual needs and invite people to the block party,” said Susan Gillespie of Suncoast Mission. “That event will be an upbeat thing. We have two Christian rock bands coming.”
To make the block party more exciting, former PGA golf professional and Good Shepherd Church member John Stephenson will offer putting lessons.
Other organizers and supporters of the mission walk include Nan Friedman, Barb Patton, Marge Gundling, Ron Stevens, and Jim and Stephenson, all of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.
From North Fort Myers United Methodist Church, Tim and Liz Easton are in charge of the block party, Barbara White is a key leader and Dave Fredrick is in charge of visitation.
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church is located at 2951 Off Trail Dairy Road. The telephone number is 543-2686.
North Fort Myers United Methodist Church is located 81 Pondella Road. Its telephone number is 995-2852.