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Shocking results in final week of softball regular season

By Staff | Jun 4, 2009

The game wasn’t for a championship and it wasn’t for a trophy. That didn’t stop the game from meaning a lot to both teams. It was a battle to see who would not end up in last place.

On the one hand there was The Sundial, who had a long and dreary season with a 0 and 12 record going into this game. Like a pig trying to fly, so too did the Sundial try to get their first win. Could they do the impossible?

On the other side of the field was All Island Glass, who came into the game with a 1 and 11 record. Their one win came against the Sundial earlier in the season.

Sundial captain Tracey Weiss said, “We’re going to drop All Island Glass like Lehigh home prices.”

Jeff Weigel of All Island Glass replied, “Kiss my glass!”

As the game progressed, it looked like the Sundial would prevail and clinch their first win. That is, until All Island Glass scored eight runs in the fifth inning, including an over-the-fence homer by Weigel.

The Sundial wasn’t done, though. They tied the game up in the top of the seventh inning, knotting the score at 11-all. All they had to do was hold All Island from scoring to go into extra innings.

But two outs later, All Island Glass all-star player Billy Lees hit an inside-the-park homer (thanks to a few minor fielding errors) to win the game for All Island Glass, 12-11.

Bailey’s takes a bite out of Great White Grill

Only the top four ranked teams advance to the Sanibel Softball League’s post-season tournament. Going into this week’s game, Bailey’s Baggers had a chance to not even make the tournament. They were half a game ahead of The Dunes for fourth place. So if Bailey’s lost this game and The Dunes won, it would be The Dunes going to the playoffs.

For Great White Grill, the game was equally important. Currently in second place, a win here and a Sanctuary Island loss would result in Great White capturing first place. However, a loss here would drop them to third or fourth place, depending upon what happened in the Sanctuary Electric/Doc Ford’s game.

With a great deal on the line, the two teams entered the field of combat. Great White was like a shark on the hunt: finding a weakness and remorselessly attacking. The Bailey’s Baggers were machine-like, inhuman… dotting every “i” crossing every “t.” They were so systematic, so methodical, it was almost like they worked for a well-organized grocery store.

It was a tight game that came down to the final inning. In the end, Bailey’s Baggers triumphed over Great White Grill, 19-17. With their victory, Bailey’s Baggers clinched second place and Great White Grill dropped down to fourth place – still making the tournament.

Championship Game: Doc Ford’s Wrecking Crew vs. Sanctuary Electric

In the final game of the week, the Doc Ford’s Wrecking Crew challenged Sanctuary Island Electric. Knowing the results of the other games, both teams realized that to the winner of this game would be the season Champions while the loser would drop down to third place.

With so much at stake, you could “feel the Sanctuary Electricity in the air,” said Sanctuary pitcher Brian Hayes.

Doc Ford’s Wrecking Crew player Tom Foster menacingly said, “We’re here to chew bubble gum and unplug Sanctuary Electric – and we’re all out of bubble gum!”

It was a brutal game. Doc Ford’s would bulldoze in a few runs in the top of each inning. Sanctuary Island Electric would respond by returning in the bottom of the inning. By the end, the teams were so evening matched that seven innings were not enough. The game had to go into extra innings.

The highlight of the game came when a Wrecking Crew player hit a ball that was going, going caught! No, wait… it bounced off the fielder’s head and – gone! Over the fence – home run!

The final score: Doc Ford’s Wrecking Crew zapped Sanctuary Island Electric, 22-18, in eight innings to win the season championship!