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Report from TDC session

By Staff | Jun 4, 2009

To the editor,

At the TDC Beach & Shoreline Fund workshop, the TDC agreed not to fund any of the water quality monitoring requests for FY 2009-10, which included:

Captiva Water Quality Monitoring – $99,294

Sanibel Caloosahatchee Water Quality Observatory – $$67,689

Sanibel Water Quality Monitoring/San Carlos Bay – $30,000

The discussion was that water quality monitoring is not appropriate use of TDC funds, particularly with a $2.12 million shortfall identified for the year ahead. Current TDC chair Commissioner Hall said she would bring this up at a Management & Planning meeting to seek funding through the county Division of Natural Resources, but it is not clear whether that can be done in time for the FY 2009-10 cycle (or how the county would fund it given its current revenue shortfalls).

There was mention that perhaps there could be a 50/50 split between the county and the TDC on such water quality funding, but it is again unclear how either would fund it based on current revenue conditions.

In addition, the $5,000 request for the “Welcome to Captiva Island Sign” was not approved, and the “Alison Hagerup Beach Parking Enhancement” request for $22,750 was pulled pending a formal decision by the TDC (perhaps at the June 12 meeting) to allow the $60,000 allocated for restrooms in FY2008-2009 to be reauthorized in part for the enhancement use instead.

We can discuss this situation further at the June 9 Captiva Community Panel meeting and determine future action. I will also be reviewing this with SCCF to ascertain their timetable to be able to continue the project once the current funding runs out.

Ken Gooderham