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Combine stamps to meet postage hike

By Staff | Jun 2, 2009

Now that postage has increased to 44 cents for a 1-ounce, First-Class stamp, what can one do with those unused stamps?
The answer is simple — use them.
The value of the stamp will always be the value indicated on the stamp. All one needs to do is purchase additional stamps, likely 2-cent stamps, and use both on an envelope.
Now is the time to sort through those unused stamps that have been accumulating in a box or drawer. Any combination of stamps may be used in meeting the postage requirements.
If one finds a non-denominational A-H stamp issued a number of years ago, below is the letter, the year it was issued and its value:
— A: 1978, 15 cents
— B: 1981, 18 cents
— C: 1981, 20 cents
— D: 1985, 22 cents
— E: 1988, 25 cents
— F: 1991, 29 cents
— G: 1994, 32 cents
— H: 1998, 33 cents
A 1-cent makeup stamp — a weathervane — was also issued in 1998.
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Anne Murray is the postmaster for the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area.