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Q&A with FISH volunteer, resident Vicki Marcus

By Staff | May 22, 2009

Vicki Marcus has lived on Sanibel for more than a decade with her fun-loving husband Allan. The stylish and warm-hearted Marcus can be spotted helping out at FISH events where she volunteers or spending time with her family and grandchildren.

How long have you lived on Sanibel?

We have lived on Sanibel since 1996. In 2004 Allan retired and we moved here full time.

What brought you to Sanibel?

My sister and brother-in-law live in Cape Coral and introduced us to Sanibel in 1980. We vacationed here every year until we built the house.

What is your favorite thing about living on the island?

My favorite reason about the island is the lifestyle. The people are so friendly.

We heard you used to live on Long Island, NY. How would you compare “island” living in NY to here on Sanibel?

Living on Long Island had many advantages. The schools ere outstanding. We did not live very far from Manhattan so frequently we attended the theater, went to museums just on the spur of the moment, met friends for dinner and strolled through the Village or SoHo, or the upper east and west sides. Wandering through street fairs was always entertaining.

What activities are you involved with on Sanibel?

I have been a volunteer with F.I.S.H. for the past five years. I began delivering meals and eventually became the summer meal co-ordinator. Then I joined the Board and became the public relations director.

We heard you do something special on Tuesdays. Can you share a little bit about what you do?

Presently I am back to doing what I really enjoy – visitation with my special friend on Tuesdays. Millie and I have a very special relationship. We discuss books, politics, recipes, family, current events and anything else. She reminds me of my grandmother, as they both grew up in New York City in the same era. Millie loves my soups (matzo ball and squash) and insists I take key limes and mangos from her trees.

What is your family life like?

Alan and I have been married for 42 1/2 years. We have two children. Our son, Philip is a talent agent in Los Angeles. Our daughter Kim is a special Ed teacher in Miami. She lives with her husband and our two grandchildren on the east coast. Dylan is 4 1/2 and Jade is 2 1/2.

Do you have any

special summer plans?

We are planning on a trip up north this summer visiting my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Connecticut and seeing some friends in Maryland.

What is your greatest life moment?:

The greatest moments in my life were when my children were born, and seeing my grandchildren being born.

What are your long/short term goals:

My continued goals are participating in our children’s lives, seeing them become wonderful parents, and achieving success in their chosen careers is a major thrill.

We have done extensive traveling in the past and hope to do some more in the future.

Folks can usually catch you flashing that great Vicki Marcus smile around town. What inspires you to live a happy life?

My husband and children inspire me every day. Life is too short to be unhappy and I do not have time to be sick.