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Computer classes offered by Zebis

By Staff | May 13, 2009

Zebis has designed classes geared specifically to teach you how to be in control of your computer. These classes will empower you to use your computer easily, become familiar with it and make it do exactly what you want. Computers are provided for in-class use.

Never used a computer? This is a perfect time to try one out.

Not sure what certain terminology means? The classes will explain everything.

Want to get more out of your own computer? These are the classes for you!

Classes, consisting of four sessions each, will be conducted at the Zebis office and will have a very small number of participants. Zebis, an expert at training users one-on-one, brings that expertise to the small group. Individual sessions will consist of one hour of training and one-half hour of hands-on Lab practice time afterwards, all with an expert instructor with many years of teaching experience.

Initial class is $43 for each of the four sessions. Subsequent classes are $35 for each session.

Contact Zebis today at 395-9324 for more information or to sign up.

New Web site goes live

Zebis has made its new Web site live. At www.zebis.com, you can read about

the broad spectrum of services Zebis provides for all users: residential

through serious residential and business users.

Zebis, a Sanibel-based managed technology service company, providing

service and products for clients around the world, designed and

installed a completely new and comprehensive Web site. Included on the

site are details regarding service for specific users (residential,

industry centric, etc.), newsletters, products which will save you time

and money, papers based on extensive research into a wide variety of

technology topics and much more. New and interesting information is

constantly added, so the site is current and reflects what is happening


Call Zebis at 395-9324 if you have questions.