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Mother’s Day Flower Walk draws moms downtown

By Staff | May 10, 2009

A Mother’s Day event designed to entice residents downtown by handing out free flowers to browsers at participating businesses was aided Saturday by the new trolley.
The Mother’s Day walk, in its third year, was as popular as ever, with the trolley bringing carloads of customers to downtown businesses and wiping out the stock of roses in many stores.
June’s Hallmark started the day with 80 roses, but was tapped out by noon, two hours after the event started.
“They came with loads of people on the trolley and they wiped us out,” June’s Hallmark owner Jane Hartz said.
The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency provided the shops with the flowers, but Hartz lamented there weren’t more.
“It’s a very popular thing but they didn’t give us enough roses,” she said.
Although many stores ran out of roses, some shops, like John Michaels Fine Jewelry, went out and got more.
Cape resident Jean Blessing was pleased that a simple day of window shopping could result in a free bouquet, picking up a single rose from each store.
“I think it’s an excellent idea to get to know what kind of shops are down here,” Blessing, a two year Cape resident, said.
Hartz also welcomed the influx of customers, although the day before Mother’s Day is typically a busy day for her store.
She noted people were more selective this year in choosing Mother’s Day gifts, with many opting for a simple card instead of a more expensive present.
“I think because of the economy people are buying more cards, and we’re just about out,” Hartz said.