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Mami, I’m living your dream

By Staff | May 8, 2009

Mami, I sold the lots

But I kept the dream.

For five hundred down

And fifty a month forever

A piece of treeless swamp –

Mami, I sold the lots.

A three bedroom palace

With mango and orange trees:

Puerto Rico in USA.

Mami, I kept the dream.

They kept flying you down

For champagne weekends

And sucker exchanges.

Tropical salsa sun

To warm your final days,

And star-spiced nights-

The old Florida shell game

Of trading you up and away,

Developer three card Monte,

Sapphire Gulf of blue and teal

Just like el mar Caribe,

Lets me see you always,

Gulf American went under,

And because I didn’t believe then,

For one fifth of what you paid,

And drove away, but never stopped

Looking for paradise –

And now, so many years later,

Mami, I’m living your dream.