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Jury soon to begin deliberations in Washington Cash Feenz trial

By Staff | May 7, 2009

Both sides in the Roderick Washington trial have finished their closing arguments.
Judge Reese is now instructing the jury on the law, after which two alternate jurors will be excused and the 12-person jury will begin deliberations.
Assistant State Attorney Bob Lee talked about group mentality and Washington’s part in the Cash Feenz, a rap group and alleged gang involved in the beating,
torture and killing of Jeffery and Alexis Sosa in 2006.
“They were all guilty, whether they all pulled the trigger or not,” Lee told the jury. “There was no question it was premeditation and it’s the same as if (Washington) held the gun. That rap group, that started out as a group, became a gang that night in the worst possible way. He knew they were going to be killed. He knew. Ladies and Gentlemen, how could he not.”
Paul Sullivan, Roderick Washington’s defense lawyer, focused his arguments on what he said is the state’s lack of evidence presented at trial, and the poor caliber of witness reliability.
Eye witnesses were primarily co-defendants avoiding the death penalty through plea deals, drug users and police witnesses who were unable to present evidence to convict Washington, Sullivan argued.
“I’m not saying the police didn’t do their jobs, I’m saying a lack of evidence can cause reasonable doubt,” Sullivan said. “This is a courtroom. That young man (pointing to Washington) is charged with murder. Is that the best they can give us? Why do we have to rely on those kinds of witnesses? If there’s scientific evidence that would back up those losers, please, bring it on.”
Most family members and friends of the Sosas and Washington have left the courtroom for the time being, though several have decided to listen to Reese’s instructions. Washington, who charged with two counts each of first-degree murder, kidnaping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He faces life in prison if convicted in the 2006 slayings.