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Everyone’s a winner at SCA ‘End of the Season Karaoke Party’

By Staff | May 6, 2009

If you were not at the Sanibel Community House last Wednesday for the Fourth Annual “End of the Season Karaoke Party,” then you missed an entertaining night of local talent that would not likely be found anywhere else on this island. Even our City Manager, Judie Zimomra, came to review the talent. Her advice was for everyone to get their hurricane passes; the storm season starts June 1st.

The “Uniquely Sanibel” categories are always the most popular, and this year’s “most creative group with or without a prop” went straight to the top of the audience clappometer. The three creative groups were The East Rockers, The Buckaroos (aka Island Seniors) and Johnny “Cash” Carney and the Flamethrowers.

The ever-talented East Rockers rewrote the song “The Farmer and Cowman” (from the musical “Oklahoma!”) to new lyrics, “The Touron and the Native.” Unless you’ve lived on Sanibel, their advice regarding the Tourons (from Charles Sobczak’s book) and the Natives (people who live on Sanibel) might sound a bit weird, but it was a most fitting song for the End of the Season.

The two remaining groups acted out their songs with props that got everybody’s attention. John Carney (Cash) sang while his troupe of Flamethrowers did an interpretive dance with ropes, lights and hats. The Buckaroos took the Marty Robbin’s song, “El Paso,” to new levels by acting out the sad tale of Feleena and her gun-slinging boyfriend.

Then, who would have guessed that a new resident from The Dunes would have done such a good job plowing through the lyrics of “Your Cheatin’ Heart?” Congratulate Dan Harris next time you see him. Honky Tonk songs done by Lyn Campean and Sandy Greco were audience pleasers as were the songs done by our “Cowboy Crooner” winners Jim Brent and John Carney.

Don’t miss this great event next year!