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Higginson CCA show a smash; Artist readies to move north

By Staff | Apr 24, 2009

Santiva artist Brenda Higginson debuted last Friday at the Captiva Civic Association as the final exhibitioner of the organization’s arts and events season.

“The opening was fun and the friends that made the show made it even more wonderful,” Higginson said about her first show on Captiva.

Her affinity for bold, vibrant color and dynamic shapes are what make Higginson’s whimsical pieces pop and the artist says she’s never quite happy with a finished piece until she’s sure that it truly shines.

“I’d like to thank the generous folks who purchased pieces for their impeccable taste and unerring eye for visionary greatness. They will ascend to heaven on the shoulders of angels!” Higginson joked. “I really appreciate those that support the arts and hope the paintings provide some joy because I felt joy painting them.”

Higginson, after growing up in southern California and living in Yellowstone National Park, Colorado and the Santiva area, is preparing to head north to Maine for the summer.

She also mentioned that her opening night was “strange, but fun.”

“I can now refer to myself as a professional artist – after you have your first show, you’re legitimate,” she said. “It was slightly strange talking about my art with visitors to the show, but it became easier as the night progressed.”

“The best part of show was finding out which paintings people liked the most. I was always surprised which ones grabbed people. I love each painting for different reasons and it was really interesting to hear what other people liked about them,” she added.

“The show went very well and Brenda seemed happy with it. Her art will hang until May 1, so I encourage people who did not come to the opening to contact the CCA to see it,” said Kelsey Angstadt, who helped organize the event.

Higginson was glad to have Angstadt and the CCA backing her during her first exhibition.

“Kelsey Angstadt and the CCA have been more than generous with their time and support,” she said.

If you would like to see the Higginson exhibition at the CCA, call 472-2111 to schedule an appointment.