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The Return of the Kiwanis Coupon Clubs

By Staff | Apr 23, 2009

For all of winter season since the night of Twelve nineteen,

Not a single Sanibel resident in a restaurant was seen,

They were spotted tasting at Costco’s and at Early Birds on shore,

But the likes of local diners some thought they’d see no more.

But now ’tis end of season and the northern crowd is gone.

New coupon books are ready – the tradition will live on.

They’ll dine out every evening, every restaurant they’ll pack

With groups of locals shouting, “Kiwanis Coupon Clubs are back!”

From Periwinkle to San-Cap to Andy Rosse Lane,

They’ll be boxing what’s left over and drive the help insane;

No appetizer’s two-for-one, and some entres are too high,

It’s just fifteen off at Timber’s – but few remember why.

That’s how they’ll get through this year’s recession

And keep their bellies full while all of them aspire

Once more to empty every Kiwanis booklet

And fill up every restaurant until the books expire!

Kiwanis coupon books went on sale Tuesday, April 21. Contact your local Kiwanian if you wish to purchase them.