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Re: COTI election story

By Staff | Apr 23, 2009

To the editor,

I agree with many of COTI’s proposals, but not all – one of which I am bound not to mention. I believe their members and officers are all well-intentioned, and their positions represent what they think is best for the island.

Now that I have said nice things, let me pursue my usual comments on some of COTI’s shortcomings.

Quoting Mr. Kane, “COTI was founded in 1975 and is the community-based organization that consistently advocates for the goals, defined by Sanibel’s incorporators.” What should be added to this statement? Try “in our opinion.”

Mr. Kane did not mention that COTI is classified by the Lee County Clerk as a Political Action Committee. It acquired that qualification by endorsing and financing political candidates. Accordingly, any contribution or membership fees paid to it are not tax-deductible.

Now to my unending major criticism of COTI. Contrary to their belief, they are not the only guardian angels on the island. They must, somehow, rid themselves of the idea that “it is their way or the highway” and bring themselves to believe that those of us who are not COTI members are not “hell-bent” to destroy the island.

I suggest COTI become a true community organization, drop its political endorsements, and I’ll join. Now calm down… you don’t have to accept me.

While I don’t represent any organization, I – like most everyone I know – am concerned about the future of Sanibel. I have been a property owner since 1972 (condo, then house) and registered voter since 1999, and hopefully will be around a bit longer. Dealing with the inevitable conflict between property rights and maintaining our present environment and lifestyles will require proper respect for what, at times, will be differing views.

Let us not forget the value of diversity!

Dale Armstrong