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Ida S. Baker High hosts Career Days

By Staff | Apr 23, 2009

The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools hosted its annual Career Days at Ida S. Baker High School this week.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the school played host to hundreds of eighth-grade students interested in learning about careers in building and construction, business, health care, engineering and public service.
Students also toured different classrooms learning skills of the health trade and computer aided design.
The program was organized around “Career Day Idol,” a DVD presentation based on the popular reality show “American Idol.” The show featured speakers and musical performances on a variety of career paths.
Representatives from local businesses addressed students during breaks from the DVD.
Ida S. Baker High houses five career academies that offer career and technical training — Academy of Building Construction; Academy of Manufacturing and Engineering; Academy of Business, Finance, IT and Marketing; Academy of Medical and Biotechnology; and Public Service Academy.
Michael Polito, human resources manager for Lee Memorial Health System, told students about burgeoning career options in the health industry.
At any time there are between 150 and 200 open jobs at the health system, said Polito, and it is always in need of new employees.
“Whatever you do, fine something you have a passion for,” he said.
Don Hess, from Fox Electronics in Fort Myers, discussed careers in manufacturing and engineering.
Locally, the 30-year-old company produces oscillators that are used in computers and optical devices for satellites. The engineering side of the company uses computer aided drafting or CAD, a skill that many students learn at Ida S. Baker High.
Hess outlined salary ranges and the amount of education needed to perform certain jobs.
“What you need in manufacturing is a good idea,” he said.
Students entering high school in Florida have to declare a major course of study and Career Days gives them a glimpse of what is available.
South Fort Myers High will host its Career Days on Tuesday-Wednesday and East Lee County High on May 6.