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Ryan’s game going great down the stretch at BMGA

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

Tax Day 2009 came and went, and for once in a lifetime the collectors of the taxes may have dreaded the day more than the victi… err, taxpayers. It was the settlement day for a 2008 year that saw few winners and lots of losers.

At least the April 15 day went past without denting the spirits of island golfers. Really tight competition got more attention in the Beachview Men’s Golf Association activities.

Ties were the results on both April 7 and 11 when the smoke cleared.

It started with a Two-Man Better Ball Tournament which saw Barry Humphries and Guy Tober win a scorecard playoff against Mark Ryan and Dave Bugby. Both pairs carved out 12-under par 58s.

Two Dons – Hummel and Maurer – took the prize for nine-holers with a 26.

The tension carried over to the Saturday Very Modified Stableford Point Tournament.

Mark Ryan fared better in this playoff, helping his team of Jim Mulka, Jerry Mader and Roger Cogswell to a 172 point total. Losing the playoff were Helmut Peters, Don Hummel, Bob Cushman and Bill Blankenship.

Those amazing point totals came about because a bogie is worth one point and on up the ladder. Four players totaling 172 points means the average shooter got 43 points in 18 holes, far better than par all day long.

Ryan, well-known in the Beachview Golf Club area as the owner of a street-worthy golf cart and a popcorn-loving dog. Mango the pup cadges popcorn with no shame visible.

But Ryan also does pretty good with golf clubs in his hands. In the home stretch of the season, he strung together victories in both of the events April 14 and 18.

In the Tuesday competition, he teamed with Rene Lohser, Roger Triftshauser and Ralph Barton to win the Variable Better Ball Tournament with a 108 total. Bill Fellows, Dick Arnould and Gus Young came in second with 117.

The Modified Stableford Points event on Saturday went to Ryan and his team of Dan Seaward, Roger Cogswell and Bill Blankenship. They gathered 93 points. Mike MacKay, Arnould, Don Hummel and Triftshauser wound up second with 90 points.