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Police identify man dead after gunshot to head, canal crash

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

A Punta Gorda man, who died in the hospital after suffering an apparent gunshot wound to the head and crashing his vehicle into a marsh off Del Prado Boulevard Monday evening, has been identified by Cape Coral police.
Reports identify the man as Drake Stephenson, 57, an independent contractor from Punta Gorda, who was carrying an Indiana driver’s license at the time of the incident.
Stephenson’s Chevy Silverado rolled from northbound lanes across the southbound lanes into a marsh on the west side of the 2700 block of Del Prado Boulevard North, reports state.
Officers discovered Stephenson alive but unconscious and nonresponsive with an apparent gunshot wound to his head. He was lying in a pool of blood, they reported.
In Stephenson’s lap police found a .22-caliber pistol, wedged between his legs, which was secured into police evidence.
Stephenson was trauma-alerted to Lee Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at approximately 9:32 p.m.
Prior to the crash, police reported Stephenson was driving recklessly in the 600 block of Del Prado Boulevard South.
Officer D. Barbour initiated a traffic stop after spotting Stephenson near Del Prado and Diplomat Parkway, reports state. Barbour reported that Stephenson was “all over the road and that (Stephenson) was slumped over the steering wheel.”
Police are continuing a death investigation and awaiting information from the Medical Examiner’s Office.