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Jacaranda to hold benefit for animal shelter raise money for Argyle’s Cure Canine Cancer

By Staff | Apr 17, 2009

“Argyle lived life on his own terms. He was equal parts vinegar and sugar – mostly sugar, but he would never let one know that.

“A handsome and quite charming Scottish Terrier, Argyle knew how to make things happen. Polite manners such as sitting up straight and flashing his dark amber eyes usually got him biscuits and other treats. He knew that eliciting a chorus of barks would get him much more – a walk outside or perhaps even a trip to the dog park.”

Those of the words of Ella Nayor, editor of the Sanibel-Captiva Islander and lifelong advocate for and lover of animals, remembering her beloved pet pooch, Argyle.

“Over the years, a partnership between Argyle and I grew and developed into an unbreakable bond,” she added. “He helped me keep balance in my otherwise unordered and crazy life. I kept Argyle stocked in doggie treats, adventures and belly rubs. It was a great deal.”

In 2006, Nayor’s scrappy scottie was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. Surgery did not help, and – with Argyle already an 11-year-old – Nayor opted not to put him through any harsh treatments due to his advanced age.

Following two years of pain medicines, steroids and all of the normally off-limits food he can eat, Argyle’s body gave out on him. He passed away on Oct. 6, 2008.

“Argyle would never want to be remembered as a pitiful pooch,” Nayor explained. “He loved life and he adored other animals. During our litany of vet visits, Argyle – though quite sick – would often amble over to other hurting dogs and nose them gently.”

It is in this vein that Argyle’s Cure Canine Cancer came to be.

The fund, which is being administered at Lee County Animal Services, is designed to help dogs diagnosed with cancer. The money will help those who cannot afford the often costly cancer treatments. The fund will also help shelter pets diagnosed with cancer that without the money would not get the chance to be cured and find a loving home.

Further goals of the fund will be to support research and education in finding cures and helping prevent canine cancer.

To launch this special effort, the inaugural fundraiser for Argyle’s Cure Canine Cancer will be held on Sunday, April 26 from 5 to 8 p.m. at The Jacaranda, located at 1223 Periwinkle Way in Sanibel. The event is open to the public, especially animal lovers.

“This event for our furry friends will feature the fabulous live music of Mark Macomber, happy hour food and drink specials, a silent auction and lots of fun for animal lovers of all ages,” Nayor noted.

Guests are asked to bring dog or cat food that is high in protein, or they may make a donation to Lee County Animal Services/Argyle’s Foundation. Reservations are not necessary but would be helpful. RSVP via e-mail to argylesfoundation@yahoo.com or call Brenda Kinnaman at 239-281-9502.