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Teen saves pets from house fire

By Staff | Apr 14, 2009

Neighbors account that while they tried to extinguish flames raging up the side of a south Cape Coral home Monday afternoon, a teenage boy within the home was able to save three chihuahuas and a parrot.
A house fire near Cornwallis Parkway broke out when an enflamed shed area adjacent to the home caught fire to the roof at about 1:20 p.m., according to city spokesperson Connie Barron.
No one was injured and the fire was put out by local firefighters by 1:51 p.m., she said.
Homeowners Carl Cannady and Teri Washam, who live in the house with their sons, Will and Ryan, were not home when the fire broke out, neighbors said.
The homeowners declined to comment Monday.
Will was home because of spring break, said neighbor Gary Skwarek.
Skwarek said he called 911, and estimated the flames to be about 20 feet high after what he thought might have been the air conditioning unit exploding.
As Will saved the animals in the home, a construction worker several homes away rushed to put out the flames with a garden hose, while neighbor Paul Claus tried using his home fire extinguisher.
“You do what you can to help,” Claus said. “If I’d have had two or three of those (fire extinguishers), I’d have had that thing out. The flames were going up, under the eave, out and straight up.”
Claus and Skwarek agreed that their community is a tight-knit bunch.
Skwarek said he was also impressed with the fire department’s response time.
“They were here real quick,” he said. “Everything worked out, nobody got hurt. That’s the important part. The other things you can replace.”
The cause of the fire remained under investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s Office Monday, Barron said.