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Residents gear up for grassroots meet

By Staff | Apr 11, 2009

Cape residents who are disappointed with city government will have the chance to speak their mind next week at the library.
Citizens activists, including John Sullivan and Sal Grosso, are inviting any and everyone interested in affecting local politics to take part in a “We The People” themed event, one they hope will allow like minded citizens the opportunity to “take back” the city.
“We want to get a bunch of concerned citizens together and educate them,” John Sullivan said. “We want to hear what people think.”
At the heart of the event is the dissatisfaction Sullivan, Grosso, and other just like them who share concern for the utility expansion, proposed service tax, and budget shortfalls, among other issues.
Long-time resident Grosso will be one of “about four” speakers taking time to present their views.
Grosso feels Cape residents aren’t as informed as they should be, and hopes the event will help to rectify that.
“People are not getting the information to make rational and proper decisions at times when people run for office,” he said. “The wrong people seem to be getting elected.”
Grosso added it is essential to get young Cape residents involved in the debate. He also hopes the find a new face — or possible candidate — for future elections.
“What we’re trying to do is find candidates who will make good on campaign promises to reduce the size of city government,” Grosso said.
Sullivan didn’t echo the sentiment of using the event to seek out new candidates or form new citizen activist groups, but he did say he wants to separate the event from being associated with the Minutemen, of which Sullivan is a member.
“We’re going to try and keep everything balanced. The Minutemen are seen as a group that’s somewhat controversial, somewhat aggressive,” he said. “The decision was made to keep it neutral.”