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Choraliers present ‘What a Wonderful World’ on one night

By Staff | Apr 10, 2009

The Cape Choraliers returns to Cultural Park Theatre on April 19, bringing back its unique blend of entertainment for the seventh year.
A mix of singing, dancing and performance, the show has become a favorite among admirers.
Director Fay Targrove, who originally formed the group, said the Cape Choraliers is made up of performers of varied backgrounds.
Some members, like Betty Foreline, are even fulfilling lifelong dreams. According to Targrove, Foreline always wanted to be a showgirl, and now she is living that dream.
“Some have sang and danced when they were younger, and some led very traditional lives,” she said. “And this is the time they decided they love what they’re doing, and they’re ready to perform for one and all.”
Targrove described her performers as a tightly wound “nucleus” that has been together nearly since the beginning. But the director, who comes from a background in stage and music, said the group is always open to new members.
“We’re always inviting new people to join the group if possible,” Targrove said.
The April show will feature a variety of performances, including songs from the Broadway classic “Showboat,” Italian opera, rock n’ roll from the 1950s and stage monologues.
The show’s lineup changes from year to year, as does the members’ ability to morph their performances to fit particular needs.
Whether its space constraints or the request of someone who has hired the group to perform, Targrove said her troupe is highly adaptable to any situation.
“Sometimes it’s the surroundings, sometimes it’s a theme need, maybe they want something special for a certain holiday,” she said. “We change our show and also adapt them to the needs of the hiring party.”
Tickets for the show are still available, but Targrove warned they are going fast. Tickets are available at Cultural Park Theatre, 528 Cultural Park Blvd.
“What a Wonderful World” runs at 3 p.m. for one performance.
For more information, call Targrove at 549-6145, or the box office at 772-5862.